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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer reading, Day 7

Today we meet Private Calvin Mitchell - a female soldier during the Civil War in Marian Baay's Civil  War romance, "The Officer's Daughter," volume 2 of Murray Pura's Let Freedom Ring series:

From author Marian Baay: "I invited Private Calvin Mitchell for a cup of tea and a nice little chat. It may surprise you that this private is not a man but a woman. In 1864, women were not allowed to fight in the war between the States – but Calvin did. She has tried hard to keep her true gender a secret, but the captain of her company found out." Continue reading . . .

Book Description

Nashville, 1864. Canadian Andrew Burns is captain in the 10th Minnesota Infantry. One day he discovers that one of the privates in his company is a woman, dressed like a man. When he gets to know the woman behind the male facade he falls in love with her and promises to keep her secret.
Together with Corporal Dean, Private Calvin Mitchell is sent on an errand in the hills south of Nashville where the Confederate army is gathering and preparing for the upcoming battle. When two days later only Corporal Dean returns and tells a story that Private Mitchell is killed, Andrew becomes anxious. He is the only one who knows that Calvin Mitchell is a woman and he is determined to find her—dead or alive.
May 29, 2014


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