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Friday, July 11, 2014

Exciting news from Christian Writers Guild!

If you've been wanting to take a writing course but haven't been able to stretch the pocketbook enough, I've got some exciting news for you:

The Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild has re-tooled their entire roster of course offerings to give you what you’ve asked for: shorter courses, more options, and better value.

The Guild recently launched of the recasting of their Apprentice Level courses and cut the cost of their Articles that Sell course from $810 to just $399, and have cut the price of the other five introductory courses even more. From a previous high of $900, no course at this introductory level will cost more than $399.

All CWG courses have been restructured into levels much like college courses. The Introductory level includes all their Apprentice-level courses:

Apprentice 100

Writing Essentials - Six skills to help your writing sell
Learn to capture your ideas, properly format a manuscript, communicate like a writer, self-edit the way the pros do, and find appropriate markets.

Apprentice 110
Think Like a Writer - Establish yourself as a professional

Learn the essential attitudes and abilities for a career in writing.

Apprentice 120
Write Like a Writer - Opportunities and techniques for success
Learn key skills and techniques for professional writers.

Apprentice 130
The Art of Short Nonfiction - Keys to writing print and web articles

Learn the secrets of writing for electronic and print publications so you can turn your writing into a profitable business.

Apprentice 140
Fiction That Sells - Seven tools for today’s novelist

Learn the elements of compelling fiction, including plotting, characterization, scenes, point of view, and dialogue.

Apprentice 150
Mastering Social Media - Build your publicity platform
Find your niche in social media as you learn the keys to build your online presence through proper netiquette, tribe-building, newsletters, search engine optimization, and more.

For more information, click here.

The Christian Writers Guild has been training people to write since 1964. You are matched with a hand-picked mentor — an experienced writer and editor — who offers practical advice and coaching in response to the assignments you complete for each lesson.

I have been a mentor for the Guild for about 10 years. Over that time, I've been increasingly impressed by the quality of the lessons and have immensely enjoyed working with budding writers eager to improve their skill and hungry to learn all they can about writing and publishing.

Christian Writers Guild is a top-notch organization with one purpose in mind: to educate, train, and support writers who desire to promote a biblically-based, Christian worldview through their writing.

And now their high quality courses are more affordable and doable than ever! If you're serious about becoming a published writer and you haven't looked into the Christian Writers Guild, now is the time. 

Happy writing,

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