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Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer reading, Day 13

Today we'll meet Verity Wilde, the main character in I.O. Kirkwood's series, The Needless:

My name is Verity Wilde. No nickname though some people try to get away with Veri. Just say the short name and my last name together and you’ll figure out why I’m not happy about it. What was my mother thinking?  Continue reading . . . 

Book Description

Verity Wilde joins the Gamer's club that’s led by a 17-year old Junior named Hendrix Cobain (gamer handle: Dead Rockstar) and includes three other unlikely members: Chad “StayPuff” Fulton, Alexi “Chameleon” Parma, and Mike “Bruiser” Cruise. Together they go on magical quests, slay mythical monsters, discover surprising inner strengths, and test outmoded beliefs. Overcoming challenges together, they find friendship and acceptance. After “Bruiser,” the most unpleasant member of the club, disappears in the middle of a game, Veri and the gang have to find him. To do that they’ll have to win each level, fighting bigger and scarier foes along the way, until they face off with the Big Boss.
July 2, 2014

One more day left on the Summer Reading Blog Tour!

Tuesday  July 29 – Marsha Hubler

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