Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed . ~ 2 Timothy 2:15

Thursday, May 19, 2011

110 ways to avoid writing, part 5 (final)

91.    Read a stack of papers your son brought home from school
92.    Call your best friend to see if she wants to order a pie from the school’s PTA
93.    Call your grandmother across the country to catch up
94.    Check all the ink pens, hiliters and markers on your desk and in your purse and pitch the ones that don’t work
95.    Check the counter on your Web site
96.    Re-read your bio
97.    Re-read your publishing credits
98.    Check your Inbox
99.    Smear your hands with hand cream
100.    Wipe off hand cream from your keyboard
101.    Count the number of days left in this month
102.    Brush your teeth
103.    Gargle
104.    Floss your teeth
105.    Separate all your paper clips
106.    Watch the snow melt or the wind blow through the trees
107.    Trim the wicks on all the candles in the house
108.    Read a novel to study how it’s done
109.    Exercise
110.    Take a shower

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

110 ways to avoid writing, part 4

67.    Re-read your New Year’s resolutions
68.    Make up a “Belated Happy Birthday” e-card to send to your niece, whose birthday was last month
69.    Go to the bathroom
70.    Get another can of pop to satisfy your caffeine fix
71.    Untangle your rubber bands
72.    Bring a stack of napkins to keep in your desk drawer
73.    Empty the garbage can by your desk
74.    Go through the house and empty all the garbage cans
75.    Clean out the bathroom closet
76.    Clean your computer monitor screen
77.    Balance the checkbook
78.    Add more paper to the fax machine
79.    Light a scented candle
80.    Sharpen all the pencils in your pencil-holder
81.    Get a dust mop and attack all the cob webs in the house
82.    Drink a glass of water
83.    Read a chapter in How to Write Fast (While Writing Well) by David Fryxell
84.    Read through this month’s Writer’s Digest
85.    Read through last month’s Writer’s Digest
86.    Put three year’s worth of Writer’s Digests in chronological order
87.    Re-organize your book shelves
88.    Go to the bathroom
89.    Put a new roll of toilet paper on the roller
90.    Vacuum the cat hair off the steps

Thursday, May 5, 2011

110 ways to avoid writing, part 3

45.    Read a chapter in your diet book
46.    Go to the bathroom
47.    Eat a Klondike
48.    Wipe the dripped ice cream off your keyboard
49.    Change your T-shirt
50.    Drink another glass of water
51.    Try out  your exercise bike
52.    Clean your tape recorder
53.    Make supper early
54.    Dust the living room
55.    Feed the cat
56.    Go to the bathroom
57.    Make up a writing “do-list”
58.    Read through your schedule book
59.    Check your Inbox
60.    Check the weather forecast on The Weather Channel
61.    Check the weather forecast on
62.    Drink a glass of water
63.    Put more paper in your printer
64.    Make sure you have an extra ink cartridge in your drawer
65.    Check the answering machine for messages
66.    Re-read your writing goals