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Thursday, May 19, 2011

110 ways to avoid writing, part 5 (final)

91.    Read a stack of papers your son brought home from school
92.    Call your best friend to see if she wants to order a pie from the school’s PTA
93.    Call your grandmother across the country to catch up
94.    Check all the ink pens, hiliters and markers on your desk and in your purse and pitch the ones that don’t work
95.    Check the counter on your Web site
96.    Re-read your bio
97.    Re-read your publishing credits
98.    Check your Inbox
99.    Smear your hands with hand cream
100.    Wipe off hand cream from your keyboard
101.    Count the number of days left in this month
102.    Brush your teeth
103.    Gargle
104.    Floss your teeth
105.    Separate all your paper clips
106.    Watch the snow melt or the wind blow through the trees
107.    Trim the wicks on all the candles in the house
108.    Read a novel to study how it’s done
109.    Exercise
110.    Take a shower

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