Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed . ~ 2 Timothy 2:15

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sad news

I've long been an avid supporter of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. For the past 10 years I've mentored budding writers for both the youth courses and adult courses. I've believed in the vision--to train and equip Christian writers to make a difference in the world through their writing.

That's why I'm sad to pass on the news that CWG will be shutting down after 14 years under the ownership of Jerry B. Jenkins. Jerry has run the Guild with integrity, honor, and class. CWG has been an immense blessing for me, and those blessings will continue to ripple through my personal and professional life.I will miss my students, my colleagues, and the wonderful people I've met through CWG, including all those who have served on the CWG office staff.

Click HERE to read Jerry's announcement on what used to be the Christian Writers Guild web page.

 By the way, if you're currently enrolled in a course, you WILL be able to complete it.

Keep writing,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The author's point of view

I had a wonderful visit with Brittany Valentine, the author of "Abigail's Answer," volume 2 of the Fifth Wheel series, on The G-Zone blogtalk radio today.

Listen to the author's point of view - the story behind the story - of the first two volumes of the Fifth Wheel series (and what happens when two women who haven't seen each other in a while get together . . . the poor interview host couldn't get a word in edgewise!)

Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with GelatisScoop on BlogTalkRadio

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Guest blogger: Amber Schamel

Paint a Picture

By Amber Schamel

As writers, we've heard the term "show don't tell" until our face turns green at the very mention of the phrase. We work so hard to show our readers the story, draw them into the plot and the setting, give them a read they will never forget. We want them to see the story playing out in their mind so vividly, that they forget if they saw the story as a movie or read the book. This is what it takes to be successful, right?

As Christian authors, this aspect of storytelling is even more important. Our books are more than entertainment, they carry a message. Messages of hope, redemption, and love. Stories touch a place in a person' s heart and mind that lectures, sermons and expositions cannot. A person may sit in a pew all their life and still not understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for them...but then they read a story and it suddenly comes alive.

Francine Rivers' book The Last Sin Eater is one of those memorable pictures. Cadi is a young girl who carries the guilt of her little sister's death. She has been taught all her life that there is no forgiveness for sins until after you have passed on. She lives with her guilt and misery, until a missionary comes to her mountain to bring the Gospel. Cadi and the other immigrants come to see that they've all been deceived, especially the Sin Eater, who has been living apart from all others under the impression that he can take their sins upon himself and save them all from Hell. Through heart-wrenching drama, Rivers' story portrays the stark contrast between man-made redemption and true redemption, as well as the forgiveness and freedom we find in our Savior, in a way that sinks deep into the heart and will not soon be forgotten.

"Show, don't tell" is what we do with Christian fiction. Show the struggle, the need, the pain, and then show the message and the solution.

Ministers can preach about the love of Christ, but as writers, we have the ability – the responsibility—to paint an unforgettable picture.

I have been challenged to take "show, don't tell" to a deeper level. To go write that story. Paint it in vibrant color and detail. For people who have been TOLD all their life, SHOW the reason that Christ is everything to me.

Today, I'm challenging you to do the same. What is the message of your book? How are you showing it through story?

As we chat about this today, I'd like to invite you to celebrate with me! My new book is releasing October 16th, and we're running the Name-A-Character giveaway. Click here or on the logo above to enter to for a chance to pick the name of a main character in Amber's upcoming book The Christmas Pardon. Terms and conditions apply.

Bestselling author Amber Schamel writes riveting stories that bring HIStory to life. She has a passion for history, books and her Savior. This combination results in what her readers call "historical fiction at its finest." A homeschool graduate from a family of 12 children, Amber found her calling early in life. First published at age 21, she has continued to hone her craft. Between ministry, family, and working in their family businesses, Amber loves to connect with readers. Find her on the Stitches Thru Time blog, or on any of the major social media sites. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

12 common mistakes found in fiction manuscripts

What common fiction mistakes are you making? In her recent blog post, "Twelve Common Mistakes Found in Fiction Manuscripts," Marsha Hubler, multi-published author and editor extraordinaire, identifies a dozen no-no's that scream "amateur."  Click on the title to read her post.

Happy writing,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Goodreads giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Before I Die . . . I want to fall in love again by Michele Huey

Before I Die . . . I want to fall in love again

by Michele Huey

Giveaway ends September 30, 2014.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Before I Die available in paperback

Linda Laverly want to fall in love again, so she begins a quest to experience, just once more, that head over heels feeling of young love. The only problem is her husband.

“This book paints such a clear picture of how a couple can get so caught up in life and all of its distractions and lose focus on what a marriage should be. It is also a touching story of how there are second chances for finding happiness.” – Ann E.

Order your paperback copy from Amazon, click here.

Download on Kindle, click here.

Order a personally autographed copy of the paperback, click here.

Monday, August 25, 2014

WFTS conference near you

You still have time to register for the Christian Writers Guild’s Writing for the Soul Conference September 19-20 in Murfreesboro, TN,  near Nashville. It includes free admission to SuzyQ’s Author Bootcamp!

But act fast. Conference-special room rates at the Embassy Suites & Convention Center in Murfreesboro are available only through September 5.

You’ll also receive a free autographed copy of Jerry Jenkins’s Writing for the Soul book! 

Click here for details.

This is a new focus for Christian Writers Guild Writing for the Soul Conference. Instead of all the conferees gathering at one location one time a year, the conference has taken to the road and is being presented in different venues around the country. 

Says CWG: "Writing for the Soul will now be more accessible in terms of cost, timing, and convenient venues around the country. We’re targeting book authors with classes in three areas: how to write your book, publish your book, and market your book."

There will be a WFTS Conference in Hershey, PA in January.

Happy writing,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Free webinar

From Christian Writers Guild:

Understanding Point-of-View Once and For All!

Ready to get serious about your fiction? We have what you need.

Here’s a free peek at the kind of teaching you can enjoy in  our professional-level Fiction Intensive course taught by mentor Kathy Tyers.

In her one-hour “Viewpoint: Hooking and Holding Readers,” Kathy shows you how to draw readers in and keep them there by giving them "that delicious you-are-there sensation."

 “An excellent webinar,” says a CWG member. “I plan to view it again.”

 To watch it free, just
click here.

If you like what you see, you’ll have the opportunity to  fill out your application for the next Fiction Intensive class, which begins November 1  and includes a four-day residency in Colorado with mentor Kathy Tyers, Jerry B. Jenkins, and other experts.

New York Times bestselling novelist Kathy Tyers has published eleven novels, including for the Star Wars expanded universe. She makes her home in Montana.
NOTE: I took this class two years ago and learned a great deal. If you're serious about writing and publishing your fiction, it's worth every cent!
Happy writing,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Advice from a bestselling author

Stephen King
A writing colleague sent me the link to an article that gleans 22 pieces of advice from bestselling author Stephen King's memoir, On Writing. I've read the book, but it was refreshing and eye-opening to re-read King's advice. Surprising how in our intense efforts to become better writers we drift from the basics over time.

Here's the link so you can read the article: "22 Lessons From Stephen King On How To Be A Great Writer." (Click on the article title.)

Happy writing,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CWG end-of-summer course special

You Want to Write. CWG Will Show You How.

The Christian Writers Guild is running an end-of-summer special for its mentor-guided writing courses. Sign up for any course by September 10, give the name of the CWG mentor who referred you *which would be me, Michele Huey), and they’ll send you a free copy of one of these novels:

Prime of Life by Peter Bekendam; Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn; Matthew’s Story, Mark’s Story, or Luke’s Story by Jerry B. Jenkins

Courses include:

  • Apprentice 100:  Writing Essentials  Six skills to help your writing sell
  • Apprentice 110: Think Like a Writer  Establish yourself as a professional
  • Apprentice 120: Write Like a Writer  Opportunities and techniques for success
  • Apprentice 130: The Art of Short Nonfiction  Keys to writing print and web articles
  • Apprentice 140: Fiction That Sells  Seven tools for today’s novelist
  • Apprentice 150: Mastering Social Media  Build your publicity platform

Keep learning and keep writing,

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Operation First Novel

Have you written a novel and you haven't been published by a traditional publisher?

Look into the Christian Writers Guild's Operation First Novel.

Open to CWG members who have not yet had a book published by a traditional, royalty-paying publisher, this annual contest has given new novelists a chance for their work to be read. This year three winners will receive publication packages from the Christian Writers Guild and BelieversPress for a combined value of over $30,000.

For details, click here to visit the web page.

Here's the email from CWG:


Make Your Publishing Dream a Reality

You Can Win Over $20,000 and Be a Published Novelist by Next Year

Submit your completed novel to our Operation First Novel contest by September 3 and you could win a publishing package worth more than $20,000!

It’s easy to enter. You just have to be a Guild member (click here to join)
who hasn’t yet had a book released by a traditional publisher.

Bonus Webinars
When you register for Guild membership
, we’ll give you, absolutely free, a set of five recent CWG webinars on the art of creating popular fiction — a $50 value! Review all five sessions to make sure your story is ready to enter.

When You Enter
Besides submitting a 75,000- to 85,000-word fiction manuscript, you also submit:
● a logline (a one-sentence summary with plot elements and an emotional hook)
● a 750-word synopsis

Judges will review each manuscript for characterization, plot, conflict, dialogue, setting, mechanics, and writing quality.

First prize includes a full print and e-book publishing package as part of the Jerry B. Jenkins select line from Christian Writers Guild Publishing, a $21,000 value!

Second place wins a print publishing package from BelieversPress worth $6,500!

Third prize is an e-book publishing package from BelieversPress worth $2,800!

Don’t Wait
You have until September 3, 2014 to enter.

Click here for full contest rules, descriptions of the three award packages, and a link for submitting your entry.

The winners will be announced January 16, 2015 at the Writing for the Soul writing and publishing conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

You’ve written your novel. Now take the next steps to make it a winner — in Operation First Novel!

Will you be the next new voice in fiction?

Happy writing,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New novel launched

  54-year-old Linda Laverly longs to experience, just once more, that head over heels feeling of young love. The only problem is her husband.

Dear friends,
The day has finally come! Before I Die, my second novel (actually the first novel I ever wrote) has been released by Helping Hands Press as an e-book ($2.99) and paperback ($14.99) on Amazon. 

Here’s the book description:
Linda Laverly wants to fall in love again—to experience deep in her soul that head over heels, I’m-crazy-about-you feeling just once more. Time is running out, she thinks; her sister died at fifty-five, and Linda is just one year shy of that milestone. So she leaves Brian, her predictable, dependable, faithful, but unromantic husband of thirty-two years to try to find a spark again. Is her quest worth risking her family, her job, her reputation, her faith? As she wrestles with issues of aging and self-image, anger and betrayal, she finds the love she’s longing for where she least expects it.  (Women’s fiction, Christian fiction) 

Here’s what reviewer Kerin M. had to say about the book:
“I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! My eyes were filled with tears at the end. You had the courage to write about the secrets of women our age – that longing to be loved and not just taken for granted – or to feel like we’re stuck with each other now, so let’s just make the best of it. I saw my own self in Linda. Thank you for writing this story. May God bless it and cut it loose to touch the lives of many others.” 

To download your e-book or order your paperback from Amazon, visit my Amazon author page and click on BEFORE I DIE. Here’s the link to the Amazon page where my books are listed:

If you want your e-book autographed, go to and request an autograph. It’s free!

You can also order an autographed paperback from me by

  • emailing me your order ( and mailing me a check for $15, plus $5 shipping and handling, if it’s to be mailed. I don’t have a problem delivering books to folks in Punxsutawney who have ordered them. If that’s the case, the cost of the book will be $15 (tax included). My address is 121 Homestead Lane, Glen Campbell, PA  15742.

Thank you for your interest. Please share this post with anyone you think would be interested in Before I Die.  

Happy reading,

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Make your dialogue really talk

. . .  is the topic of tonight's Christian Writers Guild webinar.

Presented by Dennis E. Hensley
Tuesday, August 12
8:00 to 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time

Dialogue has two central functions: to provide vital information and to advance the story’s action. But the way that is conveyed can involve accent, stage direction, timing, word choice, slang, sentence fragments, shoptalk, professional vocabulary, and emotional connotation.

Getting the right blend is the trick, and Doc delivers numerous tips on how to master the art of “talking the talk.” As the author of eight novels, two plays, and more than 150 short stories, Doc draws from his hands-on experience to help you make your dialogue functional, entertaining, and believable.

Dennis E. Hensley, Ph.D., is the author of 54 books, the most recent being Jesus in the 9 to 5. He is director of the professional writing major at Taylor University, and a columnist for Christian Communicator. His 3,000 freelance articles have appeared in Downbeat, Modern Bride, Writer’s Digest, Essence, War Cry, The Writer, People, Vista, Evangel, The Detroit Free Press, and The Indianapolis Star, among many others. He is a judge for the annual Christy Fiction Awards, the Evangelical Press Association Awards, and Operation First Novel contest.

Click here to register.

Coming up later this month:

Your Novel’s First 50 pages (part 2)

Presented by Jeff Gerke
Tuesday, August 19
8:00 to 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time

First impressions are vital. Compelling opening scenes are key to catching an agent or editor’s attention, as well as keeping readers engaged. In this continuation of Jeff’s June 19 webinar, you’ll learn more about:
• how to bring your protagonist onstage the first time
• how (and why) to establish normal for your hero and your story world
• what exactly goes on a great first page
• what makes for a terrific first line

Jeff Gerke is a novelist and book doctor. He worked for a dozen years at various publishers before founding Marcher Lord Press. His books include The Art &Craft of Writing Christian Fiction, Plot Versus Character, and The First 50 Pages.

Click here to register.

SOURCE: Christian Writers Guild Webinars webpage.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Autograph your e-books

Authors, your readers can receive a personalized inscription that they can view in their favorite reading apps and devices! Yes, you can autograph your e-books!

Readers, you can request an autograph from an author.

This service is FREE through

A writing colleague told me about it months ago, but, true writer that I am, I put off looking into it. It was just one more thing to add to the to-do list. You know? (You know.)

But today, I decided to try it.

It's not that hard to do:

1. Sign up on the website.
2. Add the widget assigns you to your blog and website. Add the AUTHORGRAPH tab to your Facebook page.
3. Make noise about it on your social media.

Happy reader, happy writer.

Here's my widget (notice I put it in the right margin below the list of my books):

Happy writing,

Friday, August 8, 2014

And the winner is . . . .

Thank you, everyone, for your input on the cover. We decided to go with this one, since, in the words of reader Sybil Nichol, "it best depicts the starry romantic love that Linda is yearning for displayed by the foot-popping kiss!"

Click here to read the book description and first two chapters.

Said ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) reviewer Kerin M.:

"OOOOOOOH, Michele!! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! My eyes were filled with tears at the end. You had the courage to write about the secrets of women our age - that longing to be loved and not just taken for granted - or to feel like we're 'stuck' with each other now, so let's just make the best of it. I saw my own self in your character. Thank you for writing this story. May God bless it and cut it loose to touch the lives of many others." 


Before I Die will be available as e-book ($2.99) and paperback ($14.99) on Amazon on THURSDAY, AUG. 14.  (I'll include the link when it goes up on Amazon.)

Email me at to order your autographed copy.

Listen to the "story behind the story" of Before I Die as I discussed it on Gelati's Scoop Blogtalk radio today (above).

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New novel to be released

My novel Before I Die will be released Aug. 14. I'd like your input on the cover design.

Which cover do you like best and why? Visit the book's page on the Helping Hands Press blog and leave a comment. For your feedback, you'll receive two free stories.

Writing opps, webinars, and writing conference

Writing opportunities:

Callout for stories from Marsha Hubler, bestselling author of The Loves of Snyder County and the Keystone Stable series:

"I am going to do a novel series called Where Love Abounds, and I need seven authors to help write the novel. It's about a foster home with six teen foster kids (some wild, some troubled). The novel will have a romance element in it, and it will be "Christian" in content. Click here for guidelines.

I'm also looking for short stories (5000-6000 wds.) for an Easter collection. I need those stories ready to publish by January." Click here for guidelines.

CWG August webinars:

Webinars on Marketing, Dialogue, and Beginnings

The Christian Writers Guild will feature three webinars this month:

    August 5: Dave Sheets, Why the Field of Dreams Strategy Doesn’t Work (Free)

    August 12: Dennis E. “Doc” Hensley, Making Dialogue Really Talk ($10)

    August 19: Jeff Gerke, Your Novel’s First 50 Pages, Part 2 ($10)

For more information or to register, click on the title of the webinar.

You can also download past webinars to view at your convenience. Click here for more information and for a list of webinars.

West Branch Christian Writers Conference:

Writers Beyond
Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014
First Baptist Church, Milton, PA
Keynote Speaker: Bonnie Calhoun
Click here for more information.

Happy writing,


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to "normal" (whatever that is)

Now that the Summer Reading Blog Tour is over, I'll return to posting stuff for writers.

Today I'd like to share with you two blogs:

Kristen Lamb's most recent blog,"Reduce Stress, Increase Joy & Productivity- Why Is It So HARD?" hit me where I needed it. I've been feeling stressed lately - a result of a combination of things - and I so needed her words. I find myself thinking about the cabin that was our summer vacation spot when I was growing up. My BFF and her husband own it now, and my husband and I are joining them for a weekend in August. I am looking forward to relaxing, unwinding, recharging, and not having a do list or schedule.

Andy Scheer, an agent for Hartline Literary Agency, wrote a great piece that resonated with me, and I'm sure all you pantsers out there will love: "All Star Jazz." I'm all for letting the muse dance as she will.


HHP has revamped their website and blog, and, added a newsletter to help keep both readers and writers up-to-date. Check them out - the links are in the right margin.

If you're looking for a publisher to submit your work to, check out Helping Hands Press (my publisher). Click here for the submission guidelines.



I'm really excited about the way Christian Writers Guild has revamped their courses, making them more doable and affordable.

"If you wish to write professionally, either full- or part-time, these courses will give you a solid foundation. Step-by-step, you’ll learn to produce and polish words that touch lives. Each course prepares you for the next." - CWG website

WEBINARS are one-hour writing classes you take from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can tune in live or download them at a time that's most convenient to you. "Offered twice a month, it’s like attending a writers conference in your home." (CWG website)  Click here to see a list of past webinars.

WRITING FOR THE SOUL CONFERENCE has gone on the road, being held in different parts of the country: "Writing for the Soul will now be more accessible in terms of cost, timing, and convenient venues around the country. We’re targeting book authors with classes in three areas: how to write your book, publish your book, and market your book." (CWG website)

The next one is Sept. 19-20 in Murfreesboro, TN. Click here for more information.

That's it for today.

Happy writing,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer reading, Day 14

Today is the last day for the Summer Reading Blog Tour. I hope you've enjoyed browsing this virtual library and have discovered new titles and authors to enjoy.

Today we meet Louellen Friesen, a 25-year-old Amish wife trapped in a loveless marriage, in Marsha Hubler's Amish/Mennonite novel, Love Song for Louellen:

1. What is your name? Mrs. Louellen Friesen
2. What one word best describes you? Forgiven
3. How do you first become involved in this novel? I make my entrance on the first page. I am cleaning house for an “English” doctor, David McAndrew, and, God forgive me, I have strong feelings for this man even though I’m married to Eli Friesen.
4. What worries you? I am childless, which is a blight in the Mennonite community. I worry that I’ll never have children.

Continue reading . . . 

Book Description

December 22, 2013
Twenty-five-year-old Amish Louellen Friesen finds herself falling in love with forty-year-old Englishman Dr. David McAndrew, a widower with two children, for whom she cleans house regularly in Mapletown, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. There’s only one problem. Louellen is already married.

Well past the “marrying age” at twenty-two, Louellen Bidleman had wed Amish man Eli Friesen three years prior, mostly because of pressure from her family. Eli, also in his mid-twenties and in danger of being “passed over,” had married Louellen for one main reason, to have sons.

Louellen has some love for Eli, but because of her church vows, sets out to be the best wife and mother she can be, especially when God blesses them with little ones. However, after three years, there are no children. Louellen is devastated, and Eli becomes bitter, feeling trapped in a marriage that has produced no offspring even though he knows that he has the medical problem, not his wife. Although he treats Louellen civil in public, at home he ignores her needs, and their wedded life is nothing but a disappointment to both.

What should Louellen do? Turn her back on her husband and her Amish Ordnung? Should she leave, become “English,” and marry Dr. McAndrew, a man who has promised her the moon?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer reading, Day 13

Today we'll meet Verity Wilde, the main character in I.O. Kirkwood's series, The Needless:

My name is Verity Wilde. No nickname though some people try to get away with Veri. Just say the short name and my last name together and you’ll figure out why I’m not happy about it. What was my mother thinking?  Continue reading . . . 

Book Description

Verity Wilde joins the Gamer's club that’s led by a 17-year old Junior named Hendrix Cobain (gamer handle: Dead Rockstar) and includes three other unlikely members: Chad “StayPuff” Fulton, Alexi “Chameleon” Parma, and Mike “Bruiser” Cruise. Together they go on magical quests, slay mythical monsters, discover surprising inner strengths, and test outmoded beliefs. Overcoming challenges together, they find friendship and acceptance. After “Bruiser,” the most unpleasant member of the club, disappears in the middle of a game, Veri and the gang have to find him. To do that they’ll have to win each level, fighting bigger and scarier foes along the way, until they face off with the Big Boss.
July 2, 2014

One more day left on the Summer Reading Blog Tour!

Tuesday  July 29 – Marsha Hubler

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer reading, Day 12

Today we meet Jai, born with useless eyes - and one of author Mark Venturini's favorite characters in his fantasy novel, Whispers from Forbidden Earth:

My name is Jai. I was born as you see me, with useless eyes. Yet I see in ways very few can. Perhaps I’m the only one still alive on the vast world of Eversong with spirit-sight. I don’t know. I have not sensed anyone else for many years. Continue reading . . . 


Monday  July 28 – Iola Kirkwood
Tuesday  July 29 – Marsha Hubler

I hope you've discovered some fun new authors to read!

Happy reading,

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Before I Die

Linda Laverly wants to fall in love again—to experience deep in her soul that head-over-heels, I’m-crazy-about-you feeling just once more. She leaves her unromantic, predictable husband of thirty-two years and the secure, comfortable life they built together. Is her quest worth risking her family, her job, her reputation, her faith? As she wrestles with issues of aging and self-image, anger and betrayal, she finds the love she’s longing for where she least expects it.

Advanced Copy Reader review:

"OOOOOOOH, Michele!! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! My eyes were filled with tears at the end. You had the courage to write about the secrets of women our age - that longing to be loved and not just taken for granted - or to feel like we're 'stuck' with each other now, so let's just make the best of it. I saw my own self in your character. Thank you for writing this story. May God bless it and cut it loose to touch the lives of many others." - Kerin M.

Read the first chapter and leave a comment! Click here. . .

Entire novel will be released Aug. 7 in ebook and paperback!

Happy reading!

Summer reading, Day 11

If you like sci-fi, today's characters will intrigue you. Author Travis Perry conducts today's interviews:

Our scene is a tent, someplace dusty, with wind blowing hard outside. I sit across the a wooden table from two men also seated. One I recognize from Colony Zero, the other from Medieval Mars.

Continue reading . . .


Sunday  July 27 - Mark Venturini
Monday  July 28 – Iola Kirkwood
Tuesday  July 29 – Marsha Hubler

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer reading, Day 10

From author Joy Ross Davis:

This morning I’m "visiting" with Keeva, one of the sisters in my newest work, Sisters Divided.  Keeva and her sister Maeve are twin angels who are working to earn their wings. The first volume in the story Sisters Divided, entitled "WINGS," is available at Amazon for 99¢

What is your name? My name is Keeva. I have no last name.

What one word best describes you? Loving

How did you first become involved in the story? Since the story is about me and my twin sister, I have been involved from the beginning when Maeve and I were in our Angel Initiate class. Oh, that sister of mine can cause some trouble. But, she means well.

Read more . . . 


Saturday  July 26 - Travis Perry
Sunday  July 27 - Mark Venturini
Monday  July 28 – Iola Kirkwood
Tuesday  July 29 – Marsha Hubler

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 things you didn't know about novelists

This is so true: "5 Things You Didn't Know about Novelists"

But if you're called to write, write anyway!

Happy writing,

Summer reading, Day 9

Today we meet Lester Tibbett of author Tracy Krauss's Neighbors series:

Former radio cowboy Lester Tibbett is back after a near death experience that has put a few things in perspective. It hasn’t stopped his friend Jed from harassing him about women or the upcoming bull riding competition. Nor has it made life any easier when it comes to dealing with his teenage sister. Just when he is at the end of his rope, he makes an unexpected discovery. Is it fate or mere coincidence? Click here to read more about him, straight from the cowboy's mouth . . .


Summer Reading Blog Tour Schedule:

See what other Helping Hands Press authors are up to:

Monday  July 14 - Ruth L. Snyder
Tuesday  July 15 - Cindy Noonan
Wednesday  July 16 - Mishael Witty
Thursday  July 17 - Michele Huey
Friday  July 18 - Patti J. Smith
Saturday  July 19 - Amber Schamel
Sunday  July 20 - Mark Carver
Monday  July 21 - Marian Baay
Tuesday  July 22 - Jen Cudmore
Wednesday  July 23 - Tracy Krauss
Thursday  July 24 - Marcia Laycock
Friday  July 25 - Joy Davis
Saturday  July 26 - Travis Perry
Sunday  July 27 - Mark Venturini
Monday  July 28 – Iola Kirkwood
Tuesday  July 29 – Marsha Hubler