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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Before I Die

Linda Laverly wants to fall in love again—to experience deep in her soul that head-over-heels, I’m-crazy-about-you feeling just once more. She leaves her unromantic, predictable husband of thirty-two years and the secure, comfortable life they built together. Is her quest worth risking her family, her job, her reputation, her faith? As she wrestles with issues of aging and self-image, anger and betrayal, she finds the love she’s longing for where she least expects it.

Advanced Copy Reader review:

"OOOOOOOH, Michele!! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! My eyes were filled with tears at the end. You had the courage to write about the secrets of women our age - that longing to be loved and not just taken for granted - or to feel like we're 'stuck' with each other now, so let's just make the best of it. I saw my own self in your character. Thank you for writing this story. May God bless it and cut it loose to touch the lives of many others." - Kerin M.

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Entire novel will be released Aug. 7 in ebook and paperback!

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