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Thursday, May 5, 2011

110 ways to avoid writing, part 3

45.    Read a chapter in your diet book
46.    Go to the bathroom
47.    Eat a Klondike
48.    Wipe the dripped ice cream off your keyboard
49.    Change your T-shirt
50.    Drink another glass of water
51.    Try out  your exercise bike
52.    Clean your tape recorder
53.    Make supper early
54.    Dust the living room
55.    Feed the cat
56.    Go to the bathroom
57.    Make up a writing “do-list”
58.    Read through your schedule book
59.    Check your Inbox
60.    Check the weather forecast on The Weather Channel
61.    Check the weather forecast on
62.    Drink a glass of water
63.    Put more paper in your printer
64.    Make sure you have an extra ink cartridge in your drawer
65.    Check the answering machine for messages
66.    Re-read your writing goals

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