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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

110 ways to avoid writing, part 4

67.    Re-read your New Year’s resolutions
68.    Make up a “Belated Happy Birthday” e-card to send to your niece, whose birthday was last month
69.    Go to the bathroom
70.    Get another can of pop to satisfy your caffeine fix
71.    Untangle your rubber bands
72.    Bring a stack of napkins to keep in your desk drawer
73.    Empty the garbage can by your desk
74.    Go through the house and empty all the garbage cans
75.    Clean out the bathroom closet
76.    Clean your computer monitor screen
77.    Balance the checkbook
78.    Add more paper to the fax machine
79.    Light a scented candle
80.    Sharpen all the pencils in your pencil-holder
81.    Get a dust mop and attack all the cob webs in the house
82.    Drink a glass of water
83.    Read a chapter in How to Write Fast (While Writing Well) by David Fryxell
84.    Read through this month’s Writer’s Digest
85.    Read through last month’s Writer’s Digest
86.    Put three year’s worth of Writer’s Digests in chronological order
87.    Re-organize your book shelves
88.    Go to the bathroom
89.    Put a new roll of toilet paper on the roller
90.    Vacuum the cat hair off the steps

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