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Friday, May 24, 2013

What now? from guest blogger Brittany Valentine

Brittany Valentine
What now?
This was the question I asked myself as I neared the completion of the Christian Writers Guild’s Journeyman course. After three years of taking writing classes, I’d come to a crossroads.
Should I continue on to the Craftsman level? The intensive course would require a substantial amount of time and money and, honestly, did I really need one more class?
It was around this time that I received an e-mail from the Guild saying that the next Craftsman class was forming and if I wanted to be included, I would need to send off my application materials within the next month!
This was when I really started praying. Though I didn’t know what to do, I knew God did.
One by one, despite my hesitancy, things began to fall into place. The money, the time—I felt like God was literally giving me a push.
When I arrived for the Residency at the elegant Cliff House in Manitou Springs, Colorado, I had no idea how much those four short days would change my writing and me.
The first night of the Residency we were surprised by having to give our elevator pitch in front of the class and our teachers, an intimidating situation but one that stretched me and helped me to conquer my fears of talking about my novel.
From there we split into three groups for sessions with authors Dr. Dennis Hensley, Sandra Byrd also our mentor), and Jerry Jenkins. The sessions were personalized and interactive. What I learned was priceless.
Craftsman X Class

Not only were our teachers and the sessions simply amazing, but I found such a kindred spirit amongst my classmates. The unique setting and challenges knit us together in a special way. We sympathized with, rooted for, and encouraged one another. I have come away from the Residency with many dear, sweet friends.
And with the Lord’s help I made it through the Thick-Skinned Critique given by Jerry Jenkins himself. Wow, was that an experience! I will forever remember that clichés are bad!
Looking back I am so glad that the Lord gave me that push and I am so glad that I could be a part of Craftsman class X.

Brittany Valentine
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  1. It was great to have you, Brittany. All the best with your writing.

  2. Thank you. I am very grateful for all you and the Guild have done to help me in my writing career.

    Brittany Valentine