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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How good is your grammar?

I confess to being OCD when it comes to grammar. I tend to ignore the apostrophes on name rocks outside people's homes: e.g., The Smith's, because I bristle when I see such glaring errors set in stone. No! No! No! It should read The Smiths. No apostrophe is used to make a noun, even a proper noun, plural. An apostrophe is used for a contraction, e.g., can't for cannot and to show possession, e.g., The Smiths' dog ate my homework. A sign outside a town's civic center especially has me bristling: Mayors Office.  How many mayors does the town have? It should read Mayor's Office.

How good is your grammar? Take this simple quiz and find out: Have You Got a Grasp of Grammar?  (Which should correctly read "Do You Have a Grasp of Grammar?")

The questions address some of the most common errors I see and hear. I especially like the explanation of the why the correct answers are correct.

Happy quiz-taking!

And . . .

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